Wednesday, July 11, 2018

#9 - Am I Tough Enough?

Do you ever question your own strength? I ask myself am I strong, am I tough?  I might put on a tough exterior but I'm very weak underneath it all.  I want to be strong not just appear strong.  I want to give strength to those who need it.  But giving that strength to others drains me of my own energy.  I give all my energy when I teach, hence I'm always tired during the school year.  I've give my energy and strength to bolster my parents during their time of urgency.  I give my energy and efforts to SL as well.  What does that leave me with?  Well, if you were following along I have nothing left.

So the question at hand is am I tough enough?  Recently, something in my RL has tested me.  Shortly after my parents celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  He was told initially that if untreated he would have 6 months, that the cancer was inoperable, and radiation was out of the equation.  My dad was already a survive of colon cancer but the cancer had reappeared near his surgical incision and had metastasized to his liver.  He was given an 11% chance of survival.  My father's faith in God and his faith in his doctors had gotten him through the first bout of cancer and I believed and prayed for a miracle and we got it the first time.  But, why am I doubting a miracle this time?  Is my faith less?  Is my dad's faith less?  No!  This time I'm scared!  That's the difference.  I am scared of loosing him, I'm scared for my mother, and I'm scared for my father.  Each time I see my father I want to hug him, cry with him, scream and fight for him.  Instead I give him my strength, I put on a face of courage, I act like he's already won the battle.  If it wasn't for my friends here in SL and RL I wouldn't be able to even think about getting out of my bed or leaving my home.  Without being aware that I need their support my students have given my their strength as well.  
Like Leonardo da Vinci said; "I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death."  Maybe, just maybe, I am tough enough!

The Weekender (Union Jack) from Sn@tch
Revival Military Jacket from Addams
Hoop Earrings in Gold from Erratic
Ayanna Noesring in Gold *Onyx* from Zaara
Ixora shoes from Empire
Oakes hair from KoKoLoReS
Naturals Nail Appliers from DP-Koffin Nails
Boho Chic Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss from Dulce Secrets
Majestic Terra Firma Eyes from Dulce Secrets
Simone Mesh Head from LeLutka
Lara Mesh Body from Maitreya

Sunday, March 11, 2018

#8 - What's in a Name? ~ Part 3

#8 - What's in a Name? ~ Part 3

Today completes the What's in a Name? series.  The previous post have been about how we choose our avatar names and naming your business brand.  Just like naming your business brand naming the products in your store is equally important.  When I began to name my products I wish I had known these rules.  Instead I had to develop a naming system for my skins and makeups on my own.  My skins have a 4 tier name SKIN NAME.SKIN TONE.BROW COLOR and CLEAVAGE OPTION either NATURAL CLEAVAGE or PUSH-UP CLEAVAGE.  While the makeup a 2 tier name MAKE UP NAME and COLOR NAME.  I decided to do a bit of research on principles of product naming.  I was curious to see if I applied these principles without knowing it 
Principle 1: Make it Memorable
When naming a product the name should grab the attention of the shopper and stay memorable.  I try to give my product names that will be easy to remember and along with the vendor picture keep it memorable.
Principle 2: Give it Meaning
When naming a product make the name more powerful by expanding the meaning of the name and add depth to make it powerful.  When I am making my makeups I don't just use color names I try to use adjectives or color names that are more descriptive.
Principle 3: Make it Stand Out
When naming a product it needs to stand out among all the other similar products from other designers.  Your product doesn't just need to be well made but needs to be well named.  
Principle 4: What is the Story?
When naming a product remember that names of your product are just a part of your brand. Make your product mean what you want.  As I make my skins and makeup I think about what story I want to convey.  Even in the styling for the vendor ads I try to complete the story in one visual like a cover for a novel.
Principle 5: Be Descriptive
When naming a product having a name that describes what the product is or what it is used for is important.  When I first began my business I didn't add key words like skin, eyes or makeup to the vendor ads.  It caused much confusion for customers they didn't know if they were buying hair, eyes, or clothing.  Just by adding simple descriptors to the product name saved much headaches for both me and my customers.
Principle 6: Use Real Words with a Twist
When naming a product words don't have to be used literally.  I try to have fun when I name my products.  The names I choose tend to have real world meaning.
Principle 7: Makeup up a Word
When naming a product you can ensure originality by making up a word for the name.  I have to try this sometime.  I tend to use real words.  Guess that if it works for real world businesses it will work for Second Life businesses as well.
Principle 8: Change Spellings
When naming a product be creative with spelling. I combine principle 8 and 9 together since my skins are real life names I add to the creativity by changing the spelling.
Principle 9: Use a Place or Person's Name
When naming a product use real world places and people names.  This gives a personal touch to your product.  However, a word of warning be careful in naming products that are personal as it is easy to be offended by bad reviews or negative comments from customers.  

Styling Credit
Outfit: Kaede Kimono and Hakama from Agata
Jewelry:  Eos Earrings from Eudora
Shoes: Vita in Black from Azoury
Mesh Head: Simone from LeLutka
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Skin: Jade in Chai Tone from Dulce Secrets
Eyes: LeLutka Eyes for Simone (Came with Mesh Head)
Eye Applier: Terra Firma LeLutka Applier from Dulce Secrets
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Lara: Gold Blossom Nails from Livia
Makeup: Blush - Yingtai; Eyeshadow - Prina; Lips - Yingtai and from Zibska
Hair: Elomo from Tukinowaguma
Location: Stellina

Saturday, February 17, 2018

#7 - What's in a Name ~ Part 2

#7 - What's in a Name ~ Part 2
"Your brand is your name, basically. A lot of people don't know that they need to build their brand; your brand is what keeps you moving." ~ Meek Mill

Who would have thought that a rapper would understand the importance of branding?  That your name is your brand.  That you need to build your brand and maintain your brand to move forward.  I've seen many designer ask over and over again why they don't have the business they used to have.  The answer is simple, though their brand is recognized they have not maintained their brand.  They have let their brand stagnate.  That is designers have not kept up with the times.  They have not grown as designers experimenting, learning new ways to design.  So many of those well known designers from pre-mesh are now desperately holding on for dear life as they haven't embraced mesh because they either don't know how to create their own mesh or are unwilling to use pre-made mesh templates. 
I look at this dilemma from the point-of-view of a teacher, teaching students to write.  You don't expect your students to immediately know how to write 10-page thesis papers without a foundation in the basics.  You know that somewhere in your students education another teacher taught your student their A,B,C's.  Then another teacher taught them to string those letters together to make words.  While another teachers taught the student grammar and the proper why to write a sentence.  Then later on students learned how to compose paragraphs till finally they could write a well written thesis paper.
The same is true as a designer in Second Life.  As a designer in Second Life branding is extremely important.  Your brand, that is your store name, niche, and designs need to be marketed and seen by the people in Second Life.  If they are not then you will not survive.  When I first opened my store I did not understand this concept.  Never having a business in real life it's not surprising that I did not.  My first store name was so complicated that I couldn't even remember how to spell it, Annuarisu Fashion Confectionery or AFC.  I was so proud to have a unique name for a store and that all my designs would be named after sugary confections.  Boy, was I dumb.  For those of you that have stuck it out with me since the AFC days, Thank You!  I didn't really sell much of anything that I made.  I was still learning how to create textures and make clothing.  Then I made my first skin thanks to Eloh Elliot, who provided open source skin textures and files to the world.  Looking back those first skins had a lot of issues.  They lacked detail and definition, they were bland.  It was at this time that I had a choice either close up shop or change.  If I changed, I knew that was the time to re-brand.  Re-branding is dangerous.  Many designers re-brand and later pay the consequences.  It's not something to take lightly.  The reasoning for re-branding need to be well thought out and planned so you don't lose your current customer base while reaching out to new customers.
This was not a task that I took lightly.  I worked with another designer who was more talented than I.  She'll say otherwise.  We both were wanting to learn how to make skins that people would want to buy.  We did our own research examining skins from other designers looking at what we liked and didn't like about each of the skins.  We both noticed that the skins we liked the best were dynamic, detailed, and alive.   We collaborated with each other sharing notes, textures, and files.  There was that moment when we both knew we had made our break through.  Though we had collaborated together our skins were unique to each of us.  If it hadn't been for Candy Enoch I most likely would have closed up shop.  
It was time, time to move, time to re-brand.  I closed Annuarisu Fashion Confectionery, sold the parcels of Kaizen Shopping Plaza and moved to a new sim.  Fresh start, fresh name!  Dulce Secrets was born!  I still like to think of Dulce Secrets as one of Second Life's best kept secrets.  One of those sweet secrets that you stumble upon that you can't believe that nobody knows about but you want to keep to yourself but can't.  I've striven to keep up with the times offering mesh appliers, skins that are runway ready, cosmetics and eyes that are unique as well as everyday.  I continue to learn and grow as a designer.  I will always maintain the philosophy that I don't to have a big recognizable name to be known.  I just have to have my customers who know what I offer, who can't keep Dulce Secrets, a secret.  I love my customers like a family.  I want them to know when they see me in the store or on the sim that I'm not some distant, unapproachable entity that I'm up for a chat.  That if they have issues with appliers that I'll help them solve it.  It's not customer service that I'm offering, I'm offering my brand.  AnneAlyce Maertens = Dulce Secrets, Dulce Secrets = AnneAlyce Maertens.  
As I enter a new stage of my Second Life, as a contestant in a well known modeling contest, I'm not only representing, AnneAlyce Maertens, I'm representing Dulce Secrets, my customers, my friends as well as Miss SL.  The unknown is scary and exciting.  I look forward to this journey and I can't wait to see what happens to Dulce Secrets.  I just pray that I can keep up with the schedule as a model and designer.  Please join me on this mystical, magical ride over the next couple of months.

Styling Credit
Outfit: London Fog from I.M. Collection
Jewelry:  Enchantment Necklace from Moondance Boutique (2017 Advent Gift; A Full Set Is Coming Soon)
Mesh Head: Simone from LeLutka
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Skin: Sose in Chai Tone from Dulce Secrets
Eyes: LeLutka Eyes for Simone (Came with Mesh Head)
Eye Applier: Terra Firma LeLutka Applier from Dulce Secrets
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Lara: Ombre from Moondance Boutique
Makeup: Eyeshadow  and Lipstick - Tahoe Sunset Applier from Dulce Secrets
Hair: Charlie from Kokolores
Location: Neverfar

Sunday, February 4, 2018

#6 - What's In a Name Part 1

#6 - What's In a Name ~ Part 1

"What's in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." ~ William Shakespeare
We all are familiar with this quote from Romeo & Juliet it's the first quote that comes to mind when we talk about the significance of names.  Every culture in the world places significance in naming children.  Some names are taken from totems and family trees where other cultures give names according to events that happen during pregnancy.  Even in the Christian baptism parents are asked "What name do you give your child?"  Your name becomes your whole identity.  My mother has told me how she and my birth father decided on my name, he wanted Lorraine Marie Lee while my mother wanted a simpler version of Lorraine like Laura or Lara or Lori.  My mother also wanted to have a part of her family in my name not just his.  It was settled I was named for their best friend who they thought was a fantastic mother and for my great grandmother.  I love my name I don't think I would have ever been able to fit such a sophisticated name as Lorraine Marie Lee.  My name is my identity, it's who I am, who I was meant to be.  In other word my name is my destiny.

When we first join Second Life we select an avatar to represent who we physically want to be then we choose a name.  How did you choose yours?  For me, AnneAlyce, was an easy choice.  AnneAlyce is combining my great-grandmother's and my mothers names together.  Unlike today where everyone has the last name, Resident.  When I joined we choose our last names just like our first.  I think I spent an hour looking for the right last name.  Maertens is Dutch so it was a natural choice as my RL surname is Dutch as well.

It really is to bad that Linden Labs has not re-instituted the surname for new players.  There is a sense of pride for those of us with a surname as well as a sense of belonging to a family.  Does that mean that those with the surname "Resident" don't have pride or a sense of belonging?  No!  You still have your identity of your first name.  You still are unique to Second Life as no one else can have your name.  Your SL identity is just as unique as your RL identity.  Just as individual as your fingerprints.  Take pride in knowing that you are unique and individual. 

Styling Credit
Outfit: Lorena from AnaSTyle
Boots: Willa Ankle Boots from KC Couture
Jewelry:  Opallios Rings from Moondance Boutique (2017 Advent Gift; A Full Set Is Coming Soon)
Mesh Head: Simone from LeLutka
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Skin: Jade in Chai Tone from Dulce Secrets
Eyes: LeLutka Eyes for Simone (Came with Mesh Head)
Eye Applier: Terra Firma LeLutka Applier from Dulce Secrets
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Lara: Baiastice's Yara I from Nailed It
Makeup: Eyeshadow  and Lipstick - Tahoe Sunset Applier from Dulce Secrets
Hair: Camille from Nutmeg & Entwined
Location: A Snowflake Dream

Sunday, January 21, 2018

#5 - ...and so it begins

#5 - ...and so it begins!

Since I was a child I've loved playing dress up, playing with Barbie Dolls and creating fashionable looks for my paper dolls.  Second Life became my adult equivalent to playing dress up.  I've always tried to present myself fashionably and professionally in Second Life.  It was through my years of developing a philanthropic approach to helping other designers that I meet many of my designer friends who introduced me to the modeling world of Second Life.  January 20, 2018 will mark the beginning of new journey that began 5 years ago.

In 2013 I entered my very first modeling contest, Liv Glam Glam Girls, where I failed miserably.  I had no training for the runway and did not know what to expect or what to do.  I had knowledge but not enough to be successful.  So I took it upon myself to be educated.  To me education is important in RL so why not become educated in the SL modeling world.  I found Fashion Model University, which was a free modeling school.  The education I received there was very thorough and extensive.  I reapplied for Liv Glam Glam Girls 2 more times and was very close to winning from the feedback I received.  I then set my sights high, maybe to high, Color of Couture. Sadly I did not make the top 16 but then after having seen the other ladies it would have been a miracle if I had made it.  The judges did not have an easy job of selecting the top 16 ladies who will represent the diversity of Second Life.

This was my styling for Color of Couture.  I can't even remember what the styling challenge was.  It was my interpretation of the styling challenge that cost me votes.  
I realized that I might have the technical aspects of modeling but something was still missing.  I finally succumbed to the begging of a dear friend of mine, Sequoia Nightfire, to apply for Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy.  Sequoia had pleaded with me for years to apply.  I'm glad that I did as I was in her final class before she retired from MBMA and moved onto the Miss Virtual World.  She knew I understood that I had the technical side but that what I was missing was heart.  I didn't feel the story I was selling on the runway.  She was right.  I was all about technique and forgot about the heart, my love of fashion.  It was during this time that I was also changing the course of my business, Dulce Secrets.  I was evolving both as a model and as a business owner.  I was growing!  

I then took another big step, I auditioned for Miss Virtual World.  I was confident, maybe over confident.  I thought I had it but as a friend in the audience stated my poses ruined my chances. After so many failures your self-confidence is chiseled away.  You begin to doubt yourself, doubt your ability, doubt your heart.  I turned my attention to my business and used an excuse that through my business I would remain in the modeling world by offering eyes, makeup and skins for models.

Then in December, Kathrin Dassin, my very good friend and Second Life sister stated her interest in auditioning for Miss SL.  She has done this over the past couple of years but never committed.  So we made a pact together that we'd apply together.  We told each other that we'd help each other in the design challenges, checking poses, even designing for each other.  We both made the 1st audition call for the runway show on January 20, 2018.  We both struggled with the monster called lag.  We both were hard on ourselves because of our perceptions of failure.  We both nervously awaited the results to see if once again we failed or if we finally had all the pieces in place and succeed.  I'm so proud of both of us.  We both succeeded in getting the necessary votes to become official candidates for Miss SL 2018.  We both persevered through our own personal struggles to begin this new journey.
Today's post is dedicated to Kathrin Dassin, MISS SL ♛ USA, and the 13 other new Miss SL candidates

I present to you AnneAlyce Maertens, MISS SL ♛ UK 
Styling Credit:
Outfit: Ysabei Felt Coat from Hilly Haalan
Boots: Mili Boots & Leggings from Blueberry
Jewelry: Earrings - Midsummer Moon from Maxi Gossamer and Rings from Moondance Boutique (Not Available Yet)
Mesh Head: Simone from LeLutka
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Skin: Jade in Chai Tone from Dulce Secrets
Eyes: LeLutka Eyes for Simone (Came with Mesh Head)
Eye Applier: Terra Firma LeLutka Applier from Dulce Secrets
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Lara: Tapestry Applier from Cazimi
Makeup: Eyeshadow  and Lipstick - Boheme Applier from Dulce Secrets
Hair: No Secrets from No Match
Location: North

Sunday, January 14, 2018

#4 What are girls made of?

What are girls made of?

Do you remember the nursery rhyme "Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, that what little boys are made of.  Sugar and spice and all things nice, that's what little girls are made of."   As a child I heard this nursery rhyme that defined how society expected girls and boys to behave.  I didn't know it at the time but it did define how I was perceived as a little girl.  I was expected to smile regardless of how I felt, not swear or use bad language, dress in frilly, lace dresses, act demure, and listen to my parents without talking back.  

Models: AnneAlyce Maertens and Kathrin Dassinn

Lucky for me. society and my mother did not agree.  My mom is not progressive as a parent by any means.  Instead she needed me to be independent and self-motivated.  As a single-parent she needed a child who would listen to her but could set her own alarm, make their own breakfast and lunch, get herself off to school and back home without having to wait for mom.  She also taught me to speak my mind which is funny since that is opposite from my personality.  Thankfully my mom did not push speaking my mind but turned it toward being an independent thinker.  I did let my actions speak when words would escape me.  This thoughtful, quiet child who had streaks of outspoken action was on her way to being a Tom Boy.

I hate that phrase "Tom Boy."  I felt more comfortable in my jeans, t-shirt and red cow-girl boot but when given a frilly, lace dress I was equally excited to wear that.  I had just as much fun climbing trees and exploring the outdoors as I did playing with dolls, barbies and paper dolls.  When it came to my childhood friends I had just as many male friends and I did female friends.  I would play house with my female friends and then an hour later go shoot a B.B. gun with my male friends.  My mother remarried and my new dad continued to encourage me to be independent.  He gave me my nick-name, Tigger.  I was a very active, happy little girl who would laugh so loud she wouldn't care if people in the next room would hear her.  My dad would play tea with me, listen to me read poetry, help me build model cars, and play in the mud after a rain.  Then I left my childhood behind me as I became a teen and the world turned upside down.

Model: Kathrin Dassin
That independent thinking little girl was still there but was pushed down deep inside.  I have always been introverted with people I don't know.  I'm not a fan of big crowds and feel more comfortable being by myself or with a few of my very close friends.  But what happened to that independent, outgoing thinker?  She was still there building pressure waiting to come out.  She was pushed down so low that I had been voted as "Most Shy" in my class.  My close friends laughed at that because they knew the real me.  They knew that I was outgoing and had a little streak of danger.  Then all of a sudden those archaic thoughts of how girls were to supposed to behave were being chiseled away society began to shift towards accepting choice.   I was FREE!

Model: AnneAlyce Maertens
College gave me back myself.  I was able to be expressive and was not seen as being abnormal.  I was able to be introverted with strangers yet have my carefree side shine with my close friends.  I could be strong, adventuresome, caring, and friendly.  I could be myself.  Now as an adult, a teacher, I want to see my students be able to express themselves not how society dictates but how they want to be.  Young men can be caring, tenderhearted and not be seen as being a "pussy" or "momma's boy." Young girls can play sports, act tough and not be labeled as "butch" or Tom boy."  Today, girls can be made of dignity, independence, strength and freedom. As I close this post I can think of a lot of cliche's but I'll leave you with a play on a popular meme.  "If you can't be Batman then always be yourself."

AnneAlyce Maertens Styling Credits:
Jacket & Top: Ela Fur Jacket from Blueberry
Skirt: Every Breath from 1 Hundred (Top Not Shown)
Jewelry: Cruella Necklace from Moondance Boutique and
Queen Chocker and Shelly Earrings from Valena (Marketplace)
Shoes: Florenza Booties from Hilly Haalan (Previous gift and may not be available)
Hair: Twiggy and Catwa Hairbase 8 from Tableau Vivant
Mesh Head: Catya from Catwa
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Shape: Misato from Lyrium (Marketplace)
Skin: Sose in Quinoa Tone from Dulce Secrets (Group Gift Coming Soon)
Eyes: Catwa Rigged Eyes (Came with Mesh Head)
Eye Applier: Terra Firma Catwa Applier from Dulce Secrets
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Lara: Swank Muted from Cazimi
Makeup: Eyeshadow - Coller Applier from Zibska and Lipstick - Bree Lipgloss Applier from Livia

Kathrin Dassin Styling Credits:
Hair: Boon -  Cornrows Hairbase & MMK375
Makeup: Eyeshadow - Glamorize- Spirit Eye Makeup, Lipstick - Ducles Secrets Jewell Anise # 3
Jewelry: Moondance Boutique Hoodrat Jewelry Set (coming soon) & Erratic Cuffs
Top: [Justice] Dani Tank
Pants: ::PM:: Amor Leggings
Belt: .:L&B:. S'Wear "Buckled Biker" Womans Belt
Shoes: Kastle Rock Couture Goddess Boots
Nails: Moondance Boutique: Grace Solid
Skin: Dulce Secrets Custom Sweet Cocoa
Eyes: Dulce Secrets Grey Mesmerizing Eyes
Body: Maitreya Laura
Hands: Vista Bento ProHands
Head [GA.GE] Mia Bento Mesh Head

Poses: *PosESioN*:For Anne - Dolce & Gabanna 1 for Kat Thanksgiving 2 Female

Comhar Public Photo Studio and Garden

Saturday, January 6, 2018

#3 "I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way"

"I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way"
So were you expecting to see some Jessica Rabbit character? This quote from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is very reminiscent of a Mae West quote.  I love watching those old Mae West movies and seeing her flirt with the men and hearing her sassy quotes.  Her characters were very liberating for women who rarely had opportunities to express themselves other than how society expected them to behave.  If you have ever watched avatars in Second Life you probably noticed various degrees of expression from non-human to toddlers to overtly Rubens-esque female avatars.  Second Life gives you a freedom of expression that is not always available to us in Real Life.  Second Life can be therapeutic if utilized carefully to express yourself.  Adults who had their childhood ripped from them can reclaim their childhood as toddlers and child avatars.  Transgenders can begin their lives as the gender to which they identify.  Second Life is unique in that it's our fellow users that make this freedom of expression possible.

When I first joined Second Life I was overwhelmed in how to express myself.  Eventually I decided to just be me.  I know that seems like an obvious conclusion but in Second Life it's very easy to be anything but yourself.  I am by nature curious and imaginative.  I love to create stories with my style.  I have no problem changing my looks to suit the story I am creating.  It was within 6 months of joining Second Life that I realized I needed to contribute something to the community.  My first job in Second Life was a mirror of my real life job, an educator.  I was an instructor for Palomma Casanova, owner of The Free Dove, at Peristeri Mall and Learning Center.  Palomma gave me freedom to create classes as needed.  Eventually I had a class with new designers who needed help in beginning their business as well as in creating their designs.  I had my work cut out for me.  I had to learn how to design along side my students.  Eventually, I opened a mall for these new designers so they could establish themselves.  It was then that I opened my first store, Anne's Fashion Confectionery.  I was designing clothing at first and expanded into skins.  That was when I began to work with Candy Enoch on improving my skin designs.  In 6 months Dulce Secrets opened.  Dulce Secrets will be celebrating it's 8th anniversary this coming August.  I still love to shop, I still love to explore,  I still have my obsessions.

As a designer I try to help my customers express themselves through skins, makeup and eyes.  The rest is up to you.  Find your unique style and express yourself freely.  Find something you love and do it abundantly.  Don't be afraid to be yourself in Second Life even if  your avatar doesn't reflect how you look in Real Life.  Don't worry if people think your bad, a Second Life designer just drew you that way. 😉

Top: Merina Wrap Top from Jeune by Rowne
Skirt: Linked Skirt from Seul
Necklace: Charlene from Codex
Shoes: Maisie from Nardcotix
Nails: Goldie Mesh Nails from Slack Girl
Hair: Skyler from Wasabi Pills
Eyes Applier: Frosted from Cazimi (POE Gift May Not Be Available)
Mesh Head: Lia from Vista
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Shape: Vista Bento Head Lia Slim Shape from Vista 
Skin: Aracely Chai from Dulce Secrets
Makeup: Epiphany Eyeshadow from Dulce Secrets and Mava Lipstick from Avada
Location: Mopire City