Monday, September 24, 2012

The Spy Who Loved Him

Dress: Midday Trench Dress from Meiling Couture
Hat: Black Salt Fedora from Couture Chapeau
Sunglasses:Vain Sunglesses in Cherry from PurpleMoon
Shoes: Wedge Bootied "Beth" Bordeaux from G Field
Hair: Reverie Hat Version in Dark Chocolate from LaViere
Skin: Ashby Skin in Bitter Tone from Dulce Secrets
Shape: Kira Model Shape from Anna Shapes

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Iced Fairy

As I was wandering through the forest I came across the most divine creature.  She was just standing there among the fairy lights.  Her pale skin shimmered as the light broke through the boughs of the trees.  Her ice blue lips parted in a slight smile when she spotted me admiring her.  As she bent her head slightly her diadem lit up every dark corner of the forest.  Blinded by the brillance of her presence I could no longer look upon her beauty and she let forth a trilling laugh then vanished in the fairy light.
Gown: Being of Light Gown from The White Armory
Jewelry: Celebrian Crown & Collar from Evie's Closet
Hair:  Elan in French Vanilla from Sugarsmack
Eyes:  Sunrise Eyes in Cool Silver from Ikon (Fashism Eyes)
Shape:  Brook from Anna Shapes
Skin:  Jerzy in Rum skin tone from Dulce Secrets
(Will Be Availble for the Runway Perfect Hunt)