Sunday, May 19, 2013

Farewell to You

I keep writing and rewriting this post as I don't know what to say.  If you don't know I really don't like to blog because I never know what to say.  But I can't just say here's the design. 
May 19th Second Life will loose one of the best real life designers, Meiling.  Before Meiling even appeared on the grid I had the pleasure of hearing about her arrival through Chigadee London.  I was pleased to be asked from time to time to give advise on the incoming designs or just Meiling being so excited of what was being brought in she had to share with someone. I will forever remember the discussion I had with Meiling following the debut of Anya on Project Runway. I could hardly wait to find out if Anya was influenced by M because her first designs was so much like Meilings aesthetics. Then to find out that Anya was not only influenced by M but was taught by her. This lead to what I believe was the influence of real life events from within Second Life. I truly do feel that our "Support Anya" party and twitter voting helped Anya win the viewer favorite award.  I am equally honored that Meiling used Dulce Secrets skins in vendor ads.
I am sad to see such a talent leave Second Life as this month we see so many talented designers closing their doors; Adorkable, The Seahole and Cupcakes to name a few.  Each have their own reasons but Meilings is for the reason of her real life business.  Though I will miss her IMing me about the latest designs or just pointing out that she linked my blog to hers when I've posted about one of her designs I know that she will find great success in real life. 
Second Life wishes Meiling the best of luck in her new endeavor and we can't wait to hear that the Meiling fashion house has become a recognized name world wide.